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Little yellow flower…

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Sometimes life can be so beautiful it amazes me.

Flowers in spring come to life to remind us we are getting closer to the end, little yellow flower reminds us to live.

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Midnight Sun…


Smokey night with dreams, thoughts of stillness, forever.    Moonbeams shining the way, comforting to sleep.


Midnight Sun...

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Large lake with waves

takes my breath away

tears fill my eyes for you have inspired me

to grasp life,  to feel alive.

Thank You

Lovely Lake Michigan
Lovely Lake Michigan

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Pair of plaid shorts…

Spring arrives to waken us through a cold long spell.

Waking up one day a few weeks ago I felt like a grizzly bear waking from a long gloomy hibernation.  Except when I woke up I was not all skin and bones.   It seems I put on a few pounds over the last several months, probably more than a few.   I don’t weigh myself at all, I use the how tight are your jeans method, but obviously most of my jeans have some stretch to them.

Oh it was so warm that day, about 82 degrees outside, so I reached into my closet and pulled out a pair of lovely plaid shorts.  I was so anxious to wear these shorts that I bought one year ago, nothing like letting the warm sun hit pale legs and heat chilly bones from a long winter.  Oh my I was so happy to be pulling up these plaid shorts onto my body but something strange happened when they reached my waist,  I couldn’t  button them.   I shrugged it off, laid down on my bed and sucked in my gut, and you know what I still could not button the damn thing.   I realized that I have gained more than a few pounds, and then I had the light-bulb moment.   So many changes over the past year, new job, different working hours, and not so good eating habits.  That would explain why I felt more tired and gloomy this winter.

I love eating vegetables, fruits, home cooked protein like chicken, pork and beef, but I have to admit I was making many excuses to eat poorly, way to much fast food, to much fried food.   I have decided to get back to taking care of me, so I found a way to turn this around, I am only eating healthy non processed foods.  I found a plan that works for me and along with exercise, and a few shouting sessions with myself,  I have managed to drop one inch off the waistline in less then 2 weeks.  It’s quite amazing how I feel so much better, and not having all the discomforts of an unhealthy diet.

I am not into my plaid shorts yet but very soon, I can’t wait!


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Dream for a day…


To sleep at night is to dream for the day

for only wishes and wants can’t go away

for the night my dreams fade to colors

for daylight my dreams fade the reality

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A new toy…

Nothing like getting a new toy.   Let me rephrase that,  nothing like an adult getting a new toy.

Yes, I bought me a new toy,  a lovely Canon Rebel EOS Rebel T3i, not sure what the T3i stands for but it is so cool.  I have always enjoyed taking pictures, it brings me joy.   I started out many years ago with a basic little 35mm, then a small digital camera, then a few years ago a more advanced point and shoot digital camera.   Now I have the big daddy a true d-SLR camera, like the professional photographers use.

For the last two weeks I have attempted to use this camera, first I used the auto mode just trying to understand how my new toy works,  then last few days I have attempted to use the programmable mode, which means you have to set some of the settings to take a photo. I figured out yesterday and today that I have no idea what I am doing,  managed to take a few photos that look decent(at least decent to me).  So now I’m off to find an online basic photography class.  I really need help,” what the heck is aperture and shutter speed anyways?”   I thought I kinda new what I was doing but I am humble enough to admit I don’t have a clue.

So now I will share a few of my beginner photos with my brand new toy.  I promise to keep practicing.

My Maggie

My only geese

Hawk 018 copy_edited-1 (800x370)

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try (to make an attempt)


excitement of dreams to come soon

excitement to try, even if…

even if it turns out not entirely right

oh the excitement to try


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A year without a chicken?


Well it has begun, a whole new year.

I have been down for the last few weeks, I thought well maybe it was due to the new year beginning and just feeling sad about life but the little light bulb in my head went off and I realized why I have been feeling so blue.

I miss my chickens.  One week before Christmas this past year some little critter found a way into my chicken coop and managed to kill all my chickens, my guinea and my duck.  Yes, I am making a sad face right now!   I really enjoyed taking care of our little farm animals.   We had been raising these chickens for over three years, it’s funny how you develop a bond and how a routine is formed when you are raising animals.

I do enjoy where I live and I do enjoy seeing all the wildlife that lives around me but if I would have caught that critter in the act it would have not ended well for him or her.  This is part of the price you pay when you live out of the city, there are risks but I would not trade it for anything.  I do love living with wildlife around me for they bring me joy.  I love raising chickens and other little farm animals for they bring me joy also.  So now I will wait to see if we can repair or build a new home to raise chickens in again.

To a new year and new beginnings.

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up from depths they will climb

angry from words no one should have spoken

reaching above the hate, the looks

fighting to become one

one to be respected

one to honored

one to be valued

up from the depths

alone in the climb

never alone in the fight

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Families can be broken, lost and worn down.  Families of two to forty two need love no matter what.  Families come in all colors,

genders and demographics, hair color of green, wearing black, hair color of gold with many tattoo’s, noses pierced, hair gelled perfectly in place,

wearing pearls and lace, love of different race or gender.  Lost with many not standing alone is how some feel.

Families must show love and grace to heal wounds taught by others about how to hate.  Families should ignore others words and make each

other strong to stand down belittlement to stand mighty against strong glares.  For families of two to forty two

will heal and survive to smile for eternity.

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