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Lights, lights everywhere. Pretty lights of blue, green, yellow and red.
Make a dark night sparkle.

What is the age of an adult when the lights don’t mean the same?
Don’t worry I am not trying to be all doom and gloom here, just stating a fact that I know a few of you probably have shared with me. I guess as we age things that we have dealt with at work or home can make it hard to find the sparkle of lights as magical as we use to. Maybe on certain days the lights do work their magic and we can feel better. Maybe on certain days we look at the lights and realize all the pain, and loneliness around us. We drive down dark streets and see the homes that could use a strand of magic lights.

Lights, lights everywhere. Is it possible to find a little magic this season? When checking out at the store and you notice an elderly women counting her change to buy a 12 pack of cola(generic), buy it for her. Even though you may not have a lot of cash yourself, watch the light come on in her eyes. Maybe the age when an adult realizes the lights don’t mean the same is the age when we have to turn them on ourselves. It can be hard to do, but “WOW” how beautiful those lights can be.

Lights, lights everywhere. Pretty lights of blue, green, yellow and red.
Make a dark night sparkle.


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Lazy Day

Note to myself.
On your days off please take shower early and get dressed to prevent laziness all day long.

Yes I was very lazy today. It rained all night and then snowed today.  It was a good day to stay snuggled in a comforter.  After our youngest left for school, I planted my lazy a** on the couch and then stayed there for longer then I should have.  I caught up on all the new infomercials on the television.  It is amazing what they can come up with and then spend 30 minutes convincing me that I need to purchase it.  Glad my wallet was in another room and I had no desire to go fetch it.

After a few hours of laziness I did manage to get a few things done.  Slopped through all the mud to feed the animals, did laundry, washed some dishes, and took a few pictures of all the giant snowflakes.  I really do enjoy my time outside with our animals.  I can stand out there for hours watching the chickens, ducks and geese waddle around.  I even caught a few snowflakes with my tongue, well they hit me in the face.

I guess you can be lazy when you get a day off from work and still get some things done around the house(actually a lot of things done).  

Big lovely snowflakes.

Geese playing in the snow




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Stuffed and ready to blog.

A few days after Thanksgiving and still digesting all the food I ate. Worked yesterday and today, hardly able to function at times from all the tryptophan(in the turkey).  Sitting here after a long day at work and thinking I really need to blog. It was hard to do over the last few days. Lots of family and lots of noise, really need to rearrange our bedroom and make me a quiet spot to think and type.  I really enjoyed all the family and the cooking I did(not to brag but I got down with my turkey and trimmings), and loved the laughter.

I love being around people, but I am truly a loner. I can be happy when things are quiet and peaceful, quite different from some of the people I live with. Silence can be special, silence can be what a body and mind need after so much chaos: televisions too loud, grocery shopping, running back and forth to the high school, trying to buy chicken feed at the Rural King and accidentally going on black Friday morning around 0800.  Love my family and all the gatherings. Love my silence.  I just need to start getting motivated when I am alone, not so much daydreaming and a little more day doing.
That is to my goal for the next few weeks. Keep blogging daily, but I think I will keep daydreaming too, will you.


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Happy Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving to all
I am very thankful for my family.
Thankful for spending day with my
family. Its been a rough week.
Hope everyone is having a great day.
Happy Thanksgiving…..


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Good Late Morning

Tried to start this morning a whole lot earlier.  Just could not sleep at all last night, sometimes after a shift in the ER it’s just hard to sleep.
I love a gray morning, of course I don’ t want a gray morning everyday.
Just today.
Hope you all had a good morning.

misty gray morning
allow me to make up for the lousy sleep
I did not get a few hours before
laying in bed with the gray morn soothes my soul
soon my eyes shut
one hour more of sleep
then I awake
ready to start my day


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Hello world!


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