myself and everything else

My day, my dreams, and a few other things.

Something to make me smile.

Gotta love chickens they make me smile.











No matter if the day is sunny and warm, or the day is cloudy and cool.

Chickens make me smile.  I love going outside and just watching our chickens

they have such personalities.











I am thankful for our chickens and the eggs they give us,

and all the smiles they give me.



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Something about age…

Is it possible for someone to be so tired they can’t even get out of the chair and go to bed?

I guess the last few days I have been feeling a little more tired,  I’m thinking it had something to do with gaining an extra year to my age.  Trust me I don’t sit around and obsess with how old I am getting.  I don’t cry every time a new decade  comes around,  actually I feel pretty good with my age.  I like all the lessons I have learned and all that I have accomplished, I feel very lucky to have the knowledge that I do today.  I just wonder if there is enough time to do everything else I would like to do; learn to paint, travel, take better photo’s, travel, learn to play the piano, travel, learn to knit a scarf, travel.

Note to self change the “I would like to do”  to another phrase;  I will learn to paint, I will travel, I will take better photo’s, I will travel, I will learn to play the piano, I will travel and I will learn to knit a scarf.

OK!  I  feel better now, I am getting of my chair and heading to bed, to get a good sleep tonight and start tomorrow off in the right direction.  I will, I will, I will…

Good Night Everyone


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Real Estate???

I should have been a real estate agent!!

What is my obsession with HGTV’s House Hunters?   I love this show, maybe a little to much.  I guess I always have enjoyed looking at homes, I usually go online to realtor sites to look at homes in different areas of this country and around the world.   I read a joke recently,  men have porn, women have online real estate websites(sorry guys not picking on you).  To be honest with myself the real reason I enjoy watching House Hunters is because I have always wanted to travel,  and I get to see so many places when watching this show.   Maybe some day I will be able to see a few more places in our beautiful world, but for now I have House Hunters and a comfortable couch.


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Foggy mist prevails the morn

trees stand still, silently waiting

for the breath of winds

enduring through the darkness

waiting, patient and still

for the winds finally exhale

darkness  is released

leaves gently move, branches tremble

the mist swirls and dances away

the trees reach upward for the sun

their daylight has begun


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Vitamin C….

Yuck!  I hate having a head cold, right now I am typing with my head laying on the table(just kidding).  My head seems to weigh 100lbs today.

I take vitamins daily,  I do try to eat well but I do supplement my diet with vitamins.  I try to keep my immune system strong,  as a nurse I am exposed to so much,  nothing like being coughed and sneezed on when checking  a patient into the emergency room.   This past year I made sure to include vitamin C to my daily vitamin regimen.  I take vitamin C twice daily and I have to say it has helped me.  Don’t worry I am not trying to convince anyone to take vitamins, just quite amazed on how well it has helped me. This winter there were a few days when I started to feel something looming,  some sort of cold virus staring at me, trying to take over, but some how my immune system battled the virus and it went away.   Well today my immune system lost the battle and my head and body have been invaded by a cold virus, I am thankful for my immune system, it really tried to save me from this cold.  I ended up taking the day off from work,  it’s very hard to do my job when I can’t think straight.  I will be spending the day drinking tea and taking my vitamin C, helping my immune system get strong and ready to fight the fight again.


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My words

Words come to my mind

I hear them all the time

when to write them down

when to listen to what they might say

visions that fly in my mind dance with the words

create such beauty and peace

also create such darkness and discontent

words that  keep me up at night

also lull me to sleep

words can be so powerful

let me listen…


When I can’t sleep at night, I usually have thoughts and little poems enter my mind.  Now I realize these thoughts were my way of expressing myself,  I wish I would have taken the time to write them all down, I feel that I might have lost something valuable.  So from now on I plan on writing down these thoughts, good or bad, and maybe I will share them.  I know they may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the all come from me,  my soul, myself…



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I always love when we get a chance to get out in the woods and hike.  Love to walk along rivers and lakes, all the rocks of different shapes, I will pick them up and hold them in my hand and always be amazed at the colors.  I love the smell of the woods in the very late of winter, you can breath in the air and smell the trees, the moss growing on them.  If you look down when walking you see the buds of plants ready to start growing, some sooner than others, its only February.  Look up into the trees without their leaves you can see all the bark and woodpecker holes, and the birds and squirrels watching your every move.   Love, love, love to be outside…




I need to feel the wind

I need to walk in your waters

I need to see a fire red sky

I need you mother earth

Make me feel alive


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