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Darkness appears when standing alone

grasping at the soul

pulling all strength outwards

leaving mind empty with no thoughts

leaving the heart without sound

breaking me


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(Hiatus)-a period when something (as a program or activity) is suspended or interrupted.

Yes my brain has been on a hiatus for the last two weeks.  Not much going in my noggin,  just a lot of static, maybe I have been watching too many zombie movies with my teenage son.  Zombie! That is exactly the word  I would use to describe the way I have been feeling.  I have been walking around in a zombie state moaning and groaning over every little thing.  Of course I was a highly functioning zombie, a zombie mother, wife and nurse.   No need to worry, I have been craving more vegetables and fruits over the last two weeks instead of meat.

The last two days around here in Indiana have been sunny and warm, and I think my brain is starting to come out of the hiatus it has been on.  I went fishing with my husband two days ago and the sun just warmed my skin and my brain started to function properly.  I think this past winter just was more gloomy then usual and it has been making me dream of spring.  I have been dreaming of growing veggies in our garden and all the pretty flowers that will start to grow.  This weekend we set our clocks ahead one hour and  honestly I can’t wait, one more hour of sunlight.( Come on Mr Sunshine)



Thanks to everyone who made comments about my blog recently and I will try to make it worth your visit.


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