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Our dogs

What is it about a dog that can make you smile?

I guess it’s already been said by others, so no need to repeat it.

Maybe just once more.



Our Maggie...










Dogs make life fun.



Our Casper









They love you…



Our Max...









And even protect you…


Just a few simple words about our dogs, we do love them…


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Off to bed.  Sometimes easier said then done.  It surprises me how little sleep we all get,  truthfully I think that is why I have been feeling a little more sluggish lately and not as sharp in the mind.  I recently bought a product called melatonin, it’s a natural hormone that your body produces to lull you to sleep, but some of us don’t produce enough.  Of course  all of  today’s wonderful technology and daily stresses don’t allow us to get enough good sleep or let our bodies unwind at night naturally.  I have to say the melatonin has helped, actually quite surprised how well I have been sleeping and how refreshed I feel when I wake up.   I don’t ever want to take prescription sleeping pills to sleep, I want to be able to wake up during the night if I need to without feeling like a over-medicated zombie.  I did wake up the other night even after taking a melatonin, went to the bathroom and emptied my bladder, laid back down and fell right back to sleep, now that makes for a goodnight.  I am not trying to endorse any product,  just excited to share my goodnight of sleeping.

Sleep tight everyone, and have a  wonderful morning.


Silent songs of whispering night

hear my thoughts

close my mind

dreams of mist and mountains

lead me to morning sunlight


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A world without music would be a very sad world.

I read or heard a quote similar to the one above somewhere, just can’t remember where.   Music is so  much a part of my life words can’t describe.  I listen to every genre(every type of music).   Music helps me think, helps me clean my house, helps me fall asleep at night.  Music inspires me daily.

My favorite type of music is what some would call New Age.  I like to call it music without words.  Music that lets my imagination, my thoughts take over.  This music brings me peace after a hard day of work.  This music takes me to places I have been before or lets me imagine places I have yet to see.  I use to love to listen to classical music when I was younger and still do, I remember laying in bed at night when I was very young with my little transistor radio and finding the local NPR station which was the only station that would play classical music and falling asleep.  I have a love for all music but New Age music just tugs at my soul.  Since the mid 1990’s we have had satellite television and with that service you get several music channels, I was so happy when I found a channel just dedicated to New Age music, and still thankful that I have this channel today.



Sounds in the sunset call me outside

songs in the trees take my breath away

notes of color bring tears to my eyes

I stand is silence listening to her music

Mother Nature’s songs lift me


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Oh Indiana what strange weather you bring.

The whole month of March has been quite strange around here, with the average daily temp being around 70 degrees which is very unusual.  We Hoosiers know that the  month of March usually brings snow,  cold and soggy rain.  Not this year, all the spring flowers are in full bloom,  and the trees are showing us their green leaves.   I am really worried what the month of April has planned for us in Indiana.  I have not started much in the way of gardening yet, for I know that Mother Nature does have a sense of humor and if I was to jump the gun with my plantings our dear Mother would send at least two feet of snow to Indiana.

I wont complain about the nice weather we been having, the warmth has helped me dig out of my slump.   Walking outside through the pinks, purples, bright yellows and reds, has awakened something inside of me.  Colors can make the soul come alive.


beautiful purple flowers

calm before the storm

be strong against the wind

stand tall against the rain

for tomorrow I need you

to make me smile


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