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Tall and small mountains…

It’s amazing when you find something that you wrote a long time ago, how it brings memories right in front of you.

I was always very lucky that I grew up knowing both sets of my grandparents, they were each unique and special, never pretending to be perfect  just being grandparents.  They each had their own stories and I did learn a lot from them. My one grandfather had a love of storytelling, telling of tall mountains of the west for which he saw in his teenage years and small mountains of the east where he was born and raised. I now know where my yearning began, the longing to be among the trees,  to stand with small and tall mountains and to look out onto horizons that are so beautiful that words can’t describe. To be with nature.

I found a poem that I wrote for my grandfather when he passed away. I did see the small mountains of the east with him when I was very young, to young to remember. We never made it to the tall mountains together, but in his passing I wrote that we did see them together through his stories.

The stories I have heard from you heart
I have listened with my soul

When you speak of places you have been
I’ve been there with you

I have walked the mountains
you have walked

I’ve touched the cool crisp
creeks you have fished

And we breathed in the air
from the mountains with its
sweet smell of untouched beauty

As we watched the sunsets and sunrises

Yes, Grandpa we were there
together you and I

Standing on that mountain
my hand holding yours


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Little pink, red, yellow…

Stress can be stressful!

Work has been a bear lately, so many changes and not enough changes.  It always amazes me how health-care manages to ask so much of us who work in it to provide the best possible care with so little support.  Enough about work.

It seems as you get older and life hands you daily stresses, there are big and little things can make you thankful.  Family is always the first thing that brings me joy and happiness and having a wonderful husband and 3 great  oddball sons to make me laugh can make a bad day good.  There has been something else this year that has been bringing me joy, little red, purple, yellow, orange and pink flowers that have seem to have taken hold of our land this year. Walking around daily just to see what colors are growing and smell the lovely scent they release  into the air, makes all the worries of the day disappear.

I have always enjoyed the beauty of flowers, this year they have been my little oasis.


Walking outside after a stressful day

the flowers call my name

come sit down and watch our colors

breath deep the scent of  beauty, they say




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