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A little bit of gloom.

Sometimes life can be sad.  Death is never easy no matter if you know it’s coming or it happens so unexpectedly.

Working as a ER nurse for over 5 years I have experienced death way to much. I have had family members who have died and I miss dearly, but dealing with death in the emergency room was completely different.  I handle death at work, but on occasion  I have  had to walk away and cry tears but then come right back, move on and get back to work.   Sometimes I wonder if that’s a good thing or a healthy thing.  Just a thought or two before bed tonight.


Death, I have seen death

I have touched death

I have held death in my hands

I have tried to fight death but lost the battle

death can be confusing

death can be peaceful


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Hot in Indiana

It’s hot in central Indiana.

The other night I was watching the radar on the Weather Channel.  That radar was was glowing like a Christmas tree, bright yellow, a few areas of red and multiple shades of green.  The whole central part of Illinois was covered in thunderstorms and rain.  Then out of nowhere all those pretty colors disappeared just when they were a few miles from Indiana border.   I jumped up from my chair in shock and started screaming at the television, of course screaming at the television never really solves anything other then relieving stress.  I thought for a moment I was in  that Will Smith movie Independence Day, maybe there was a large spaceship hovering over central Indiana and shot lasers at the approaching storms.   Well no such luck, no spaceship just another week without rain.

So I decided to take action.  Last night I left the windows down on my car, left my laundry on the clothesline overnight, and did not shut the garage door.  Well guess what, nothing happened not a damn sprinkle of rain!

Any suggestions?

I hope everyone stays cool and wishes for rain.


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A little something…

So mad at myself for letting stress of work take over my life.  Time to take my own advice that I keep telling my co-workers, don’t take stress home with you, funny how hard that is to accomplish.

I am angry at myself for not writing, which makes me happy.  I am angry at myself for being angry.   So enough is enough, I have written a note and hung it on the wall next to our bed;  Write, take pictures and enjoy life and family.   I really hope that helps :  )


Silent songs of whispering night

hear my thoughts

close my mind

dreams of misty mountains

lead me to morn

and sunlight


Hope you all have a good night.


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