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I have been an ER nurse for almost six years.   There are times I wish I could go back in time and not have been witness to visions that will stay with me, haunt me.

I work in a fairly large emergency room, we see so many patients,  as a nurse you learn to work through trauma and death, there are too many patients to care for to stop and cry.

You may shed a few tears quietly and then move on to the next task.  There are some days that stay with you and then only at night when you try to sleep you wish the visions

of an endless day would leave.


alone is the fear of sleep

thoughts of an endless day

that wont go away

visions of sorrow

sounds of tears

alone to absorb my own fears

of a day that will not end


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Dry again, another day with a chance of rain, but no drops from the sky.
















A drought can be a hard thing to live through, I think this year has been the worse I have ever seen.  Lawns completely dead, fields of corn unable to stand because no moisture has hit the land.















One walks around outside, tears fall everything seems dead not growing, not green, not alive.



Stop,  there is life and beauty wipe the tears open your eyes.













Beautiful things do grow even if there is no rain, they try to at least.



Standing alone if they must, waiting…





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24 can have a few different meanings today.

24 hours in a day

24 beers in a case

What does 24 mean to you?  Well for me it has been 24 years of marriage today this day of July 2nd.  I could go into  some sappy story of how much my husband means to me and how boring life would be without him, but I rather just state the facts.  Marriage has been good and difficult, and we have made it. I look back at how life started for us and how much has changed, we have changed. You do learn so much after being married for so long, kinda crazy how you become best friends and best enemies. We can talk all day long about absolutely nothing and snap and bicker when needed.  Hard to believe 24 years of being married today, can’t imagine it being any different.

I just realized I started to type this after midnight and now it is July 3rd, I guess this means I have been married for 24 years and 1 day.

Well everyone have a good night or good day.


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