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Well back to school time, may I please place a sad face here?      : (

Yes it is that time of year when all the children go back to school.  I have one child left in school and he is a big junior this year.  I took him back to school shopping the other day, bought new backpack, notebooks, pencils, etc…   There was one aisle in the store that made me stop and not move for a few minutes.   It’s the aisle that I have not shopped in for a few years.

Oh my those glorious crayons, all the beautiful colors, and WOW have those boxes gotten big.   How many new colors can they come up with?  Crayons bring back so many memories of when my boys were younger and crayons were a daily part of their lives.  I still have so many of the coloring books they would color in and of course one or two of my own coloring books I would use as we would sit around and color for endless hours.  There is something so special about crayons,  I remember coloring all the time when I was younger drawing on paper and filing it with colors that would only be limited to my imagination.   I have to admit something and hopefully it does not scare anyone away,  I stood  in that aisle of the big store and opened up a box of crayons and lifted it to my nose and inhaled.  That wonderful scent of colors took me back to my youth and the days when my boys were little.

Of course the fun ended when my youngest walked up to me and asked, “what in the world are you doing?”   I thought to myself as we eventually walked out of the store, oh my son you will be like  me one day,  a slightly crazed person standing in the store sniffing crayons.



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Gotta love watching the Olympics.

I have been watching the Olympics for as long as I can remember.  It was always a family affair, everyone sitting around cheering on the USA  and even sending cheers to other countries.  I remember watching when we didn’t have cable or satellite, not even home computers.  If you missed something you would wait until they would do updates on events to see who won a medal. Times have really changed.  In these modern times you have so much information, you can’t even look at your cellphone without knowing the score of a game or who won a medal in swimming.   There has been a lot of news about this issue,  people stating they will boycott a newspaper or writing Facebook comments about how the media is ruining the Olympics.

Back when I was very young, I learned a little history in grade school about a certain NASA spacecraft that did not make it to the moon, then not to many years ago a movie was made about this story, a very good movie.  I have watched this movie several times.  Every time I watch this movie I sit on the edge of my seat wondering if this spacecraft will make it back to earth, will the heat shield hold!!!  Sorry I was being a little dramatic, but truthful.  When I watch this movie I know what happens but still get excited.

These Olympics I have watched so many of the events knowing what the results were, but I still stood and cheered.   You get swept in when watching someone swim for a gold medal no matter if you know the outcome.  Just enjoy the moment.  Enjoy the Olympics!



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