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Spring came and went, summer lingered too long with drought and burnt gardens,  now a coolness blows in the air and trees stand upright taking in a deep breath, the rains have fallen to make brown green again.

Change has come finally to my part of town and many others around.   Change is good, can be scary but makes things seem so much better, alive, happy.  I recently made a big change in my career,  I am no longer a emergency room nurse.  It was a scary decision to make but I am so happy that I made this change.  I still work in the same hospital, my new job title; Utilization Nurse and Discharge Planner.   The last two weeks in my training to take on my new role have been wonderful.  Learning new things has brought life back into my heart, my soul.

For me a new wind has blown, a fresh cool wind that makes me stand tall again.


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Yes, I am happy, we finally have our new Internet installed.  I Had to let go of the previous company, I was having problems with some of the equipment and was told they would send someone out for a fee to look at my equipment( a fee, really a stinking fee).  So I made a few calls and now have a new high speed Internet.  Funny how when I called to cancel my service with the previous company, they then offered to send out someone to take a look at my equipment for free(so now it’s free),  maybe if they would have offered that in the first place I would have still been with them.   It’s quite amazing how somethings work out for the best.   New Internet is so much faster, and I finally get to be me.


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