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Sunrise, sunset, sunrise, sunset.  I think there is a song out there from years ago that had a verse like that.

I have to admit since I started working the night shift I have been seeing more sunrises and very few sunsets.  I knew this was going to happen but it still seems strange for me to be sleeping when the sunsets in the evening. Working nights takes a whole lot more effort then working days,  first you must force yourself to sleep during the day when all you want to do is go out and play(by play, I mean do yard work, clean house).  Second when you actually have a few days off you still want to sleep during the day and stay awake all night, which is why I am typing this at 0126 hours.  I guess I can’t complain this has only been my third week working nights, I must give myself more time to adjust.

To all those who work nights I applaud you and I share this for you, a beautiful Sunrise photo I captured the other morning,  sunrises can be just as amazing as sunsets.

There is an old sailor’s poem:  “Red sky at night, sailor’s delight. Red sky in morning, sailor’s warning”

It held true for this day as rain and wind came howling at evening’s end.


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A Tree….

Love trees in the fall, they show their strength and beauty which was hidden behind lush leaves of green during spring and summer.

I love to lay on the ground underneath a tree and just stare at their height, the branches reaching for the sun and sky.

This lovely tree is in my yard,  a persimmon tree it is, with all its sweet fruit holding on til a gentle wind brings them down for me to gather then eat.


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I am…


I am female, don’t hold me back or choose my rights

I am Hispanic, don’t hold me back or choose my rights

I was born here, don’t tell me I have no voice

I will vote, don’t discourage me

I did vote and your fears did not rule me

I want progression to the future

I will not tolerate regression to the past

I will stand proud today for I won, We won

I am a female of these now United States





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