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up from depths they will climb

angry from words no one should have spoken

reaching above the hate, the looks

fighting to become one

one to be respected

one to honored

one to be valued

up from the depths

alone in the climb

never alone in the fight


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Families can be broken, lost and worn down.  Families of two to forty two need love no matter what.  Families come in all colors,

genders and demographics, hair color of green, wearing black, hair color of gold with many tattoo’s, noses pierced, hair gelled perfectly in place,

wearing pearls and lace, love of different race or gender.  Lost with many not standing alone is how some feel.

Families must show love and grace to heal wounds taught by others about how to hate.  Families should ignore others words and make each

other strong to stand down belittlement to stand mighty against strong glares.  For families of two to forty two

will heal and survive to smile for eternity.


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Silently the sky falls beneath

quietly wind sweeps tears

falling again and again

into caverns of depth

waking slowly

opening eyes slightly

for new morning light

as day must begin




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A cold frame in Indiana…

What a good day.  We finally made a cold frame, actually two.

Over the last two years we have made garden boxes to plant our vegetables in and they have worked very well.  This winter we  adjusted a few boxes and made cold frames, now we are trying to grow a few veggies throughout the winter.









My husband and I made the garden boxes from  re-purposed old pallets we had collected, we really enjoy taking old things and making them into something useful. This winter we placed windows that we had in our garage (we obtained these windows for free) on top of the boxes, to make mini green houses to grow some winter veggies.











These lovely boxes are not fancy, very simply made but today I planted spinach, radishes, and a few different lettuces in them.  I do hope they grow so we can eat fresh veggies from our rustic garden boxes.  Not a bad way to spend Sunday afternoon.


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