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Colors in the sky…

Never can say enough about colors in the sky.  My days are so busy full of stress and when I come home I forget to look out my westward windows.  This day not to long ago, I noticed the brilliant oranges, pinks mixed with some gray.  I grabbed my camera and ran outside to take a few pictures of the constantly changing sky, then sat my camera down to watch the sunset in the western sky with my own two eyes. It always amazes me how colors in the sky can heal the heart and take away the stress of the day.



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3 years…

So I have been working as a RN case manager for 3 years. Working as a case manager was a big change from ER nursing but still very stressful.

I believe I have let the demons of healthcare take over my thoughts again, the sadness of people who spend so much time in the hospital sick and their stories have taken a lot from me. I know hospitals are for sick people and it does amaze me at times what can be done to help patients through some big medical event so they can get back to living life. I see so many patients on a daily basis whose life of living is admission after admission to the hospital, some hoping their breathing will some how get better and not need more liters of home oxygen or that their hearts will pump stronger and not let their bodies fill up with fluid. Every week seeing familiar faces, worried families wanting to know why we can’t fix them, some patients don’t have families and hope for just a year or two more of maintaining some sort of independence, their stories have clouded my thoughts at night.

Yes, being a case manager has been a challenge, I am a strong patient advocate I will stand up for what is right. I just wish everyone else would do the same.


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