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Sometimes on the way home from work I let out a big sigh and wonder why I do what I do for a living.

I have learned so much working in healthcare but the biggest problem is that I have learned too much. Daily I struggle with the plans that are made for patients by a few doctors who spend so little time with them, doctors who can alter their patients very existence of daily life. Why do patients feel they have to agree with a physician’s plan of care while in the hospital like they don’t have a choice but once discharged home they do what they really wanted to do all along, go home, stop all treatments and live in peace for the rest of their days.   Not all doctors but there are a few who seem to truly intimidate patients and their families, by giving options but not really giving a choice,  are these treatment plans recommended for their patients best interest or for physician glory, money??????

I sit here, sigh and truly don’t understand why.


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