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A cold frame in Indiana…

What a good day.  We finally made a cold frame, actually two.

Over the last two years we have made garden boxes to plant our vegetables in and they have worked very well.  This winter we  adjusted a few boxes and made cold frames, now we are trying to grow a few veggies throughout the winter.









My husband and I made the garden boxes from  re-purposed old pallets we had collected, we really enjoy taking old things and making them into something useful. This winter we placed windows that we had in our garage (we obtained these windows for free) on top of the boxes, to make mini green houses to grow some winter veggies.











These lovely boxes are not fancy, very simply made but today I planted spinach, radishes, and a few different lettuces in them.  I do hope they grow so we can eat fresh veggies from our rustic garden boxes.  Not a bad way to spend Sunday afternoon.


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Sunrise, sunset, sunrise, sunset.  I think there is a song out there from years ago that had a verse like that.

I have to admit since I started working the night shift I have been seeing more sunrises and very few sunsets.  I knew this was going to happen but it still seems strange for me to be sleeping when the sunsets in the evening. Working nights takes a whole lot more effort then working days,  first you must force yourself to sleep during the day when all you want to do is go out and play(by play, I mean do yard work, clean house).  Second when you actually have a few days off you still want to sleep during the day and stay awake all night, which is why I am typing this at 0126 hours.  I guess I can’t complain this has only been my third week working nights, I must give myself more time to adjust.

To all those who work nights I applaud you and I share this for you, a beautiful Sunrise photo I captured the other morning,  sunrises can be just as amazing as sunsets.

There is an old sailor’s poem:  “Red sky at night, sailor’s delight. Red sky in morning, sailor’s warning”

It held true for this day as rain and wind came howling at evening’s end.


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A Tree….

Love trees in the fall, they show their strength and beauty which was hidden behind lush leaves of green during spring and summer.

I love to lay on the ground underneath a tree and just stare at their height, the branches reaching for the sun and sky.

This lovely tree is in my yard,  a persimmon tree it is, with all its sweet fruit holding on til a gentle wind brings them down for me to gather then eat.


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I am…


I am female, don’t hold me back or choose my rights

I am Hispanic, don’t hold me back or choose my rights

I was born here, don’t tell me I have no voice

I will vote, don’t discourage me

I did vote and your fears did not rule me

I want progression to the future

I will not tolerate regression to the past

I will stand proud today for I won, We won

I am a female of these now United States





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So it’s almost the end of October, Wow!!! How does the time fly.

Here is a list of events that have made it interesting for me in the month of October.


1.  New job is going great, it amazing how a change can make you feel alive.

2.  Attended my first Zombie crawl with husband and son’s dressed as zombies(fun).

3.  Had to reboot computer,  lost all my pictures.  Shame on me for not backing up computer.

4. Realized most of my good pictures on Facebook or this blog. Happy again.

5. Cut six inches of length off my hair.  Really must learn to style my hair instead of using hair clips.

6.  Styled hair today, didn’t take too long for having curly hair.

7.  Have enjoyed the many thunderstorms this October.  Makes for lazy days and good sleeping.

8. The leaves have been amazing this year.  Every day tears fill my eyes, how Mother Nature creates such beauty.


A photo of what October is for me as I look out my backyard.




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Spring came and went, summer lingered too long with drought and burnt gardens,  now a coolness blows in the air and trees stand upright taking in a deep breath, the rains have fallen to make brown green again.

Change has come finally to my part of town and many others around.   Change is good, can be scary but makes things seem so much better, alive, happy.  I recently made a big change in my career,  I am no longer a emergency room nurse.  It was a scary decision to make but I am so happy that I made this change.  I still work in the same hospital, my new job title; Utilization Nurse and Discharge Planner.   The last two weeks in my training to take on my new role have been wonderful.  Learning new things has brought life back into my heart, my soul.

For me a new wind has blown, a fresh cool wind that makes me stand tall again.


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Yes, I am happy, we finally have our new Internet installed.  I Had to let go of the previous company, I was having problems with some of the equipment and was told they would send someone out for a fee to look at my equipment( a fee, really a stinking fee).  So I made a few calls and now have a new high speed Internet.  Funny how when I called to cancel my service with the previous company, they then offered to send out someone to take a look at my equipment for free(so now it’s free),  maybe if they would have offered that in the first place I would have still been with them.   It’s quite amazing how somethings work out for the best.   New Internet is so much faster, and I finally get to be me.


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Well back to school time, may I please place a sad face here?      : (

Yes it is that time of year when all the children go back to school.  I have one child left in school and he is a big junior this year.  I took him back to school shopping the other day, bought new backpack, notebooks, pencils, etc…   There was one aisle in the store that made me stop and not move for a few minutes.   It’s the aisle that I have not shopped in for a few years.

Oh my those glorious crayons, all the beautiful colors, and WOW have those boxes gotten big.   How many new colors can they come up with?  Crayons bring back so many memories of when my boys were younger and crayons were a daily part of their lives.  I still have so many of the coloring books they would color in and of course one or two of my own coloring books I would use as we would sit around and color for endless hours.  There is something so special about crayons,  I remember coloring all the time when I was younger drawing on paper and filing it with colors that would only be limited to my imagination.   I have to admit something and hopefully it does not scare anyone away,  I stood  in that aisle of the big store and opened up a box of crayons and lifted it to my nose and inhaled.  That wonderful scent of colors took me back to my youth and the days when my boys were little.

Of course the fun ended when my youngest walked up to me and asked, “what in the world are you doing?”   I thought to myself as we eventually walked out of the store, oh my son you will be like  me one day,  a slightly crazed person standing in the store sniffing crayons.



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Gotta love watching the Olympics.

I have been watching the Olympics for as long as I can remember.  It was always a family affair, everyone sitting around cheering on the USA  and even sending cheers to other countries.  I remember watching when we didn’t have cable or satellite, not even home computers.  If you missed something you would wait until they would do updates on events to see who won a medal. Times have really changed.  In these modern times you have so much information, you can’t even look at your cellphone without knowing the score of a game or who won a medal in swimming.   There has been a lot of news about this issue,  people stating they will boycott a newspaper or writing Facebook comments about how the media is ruining the Olympics.

Back when I was very young, I learned a little history in grade school about a certain NASA spacecraft that did not make it to the moon, then not to many years ago a movie was made about this story, a very good movie.  I have watched this movie several times.  Every time I watch this movie I sit on the edge of my seat wondering if this spacecraft will make it back to earth, will the heat shield hold!!!  Sorry I was being a little dramatic, but truthful.  When I watch this movie I know what happens but still get excited.

These Olympics I have watched so many of the events knowing what the results were, but I still stood and cheered.   You get swept in when watching someone swim for a gold medal no matter if you know the outcome.  Just enjoy the moment.  Enjoy the Olympics!



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I have been an ER nurse for almost six years.   There are times I wish I could go back in time and not have been witness to visions that will stay with me, haunt me.

I work in a fairly large emergency room, we see so many patients,  as a nurse you learn to work through trauma and death, there are too many patients to care for to stop and cry.

You may shed a few tears quietly and then move on to the next task.  There are some days that stay with you and then only at night when you try to sleep you wish the visions

of an endless day would leave.


alone is the fear of sleep

thoughts of an endless day

that wont go away

visions of sorrow

sounds of tears

alone to absorb my own fears

of a day that will not end


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Dry again, another day with a chance of rain, but no drops from the sky.
















A drought can be a hard thing to live through, I think this year has been the worse I have ever seen.  Lawns completely dead, fields of corn unable to stand because no moisture has hit the land.















One walks around outside, tears fall everything seems dead not growing, not green, not alive.



Stop,  there is life and beauty wipe the tears open your eyes.













Beautiful things do grow even if there is no rain, they try to at least.



Standing alone if they must, waiting…





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24 can have a few different meanings today.

24 hours in a day

24 beers in a case

What does 24 mean to you?  Well for me it has been 24 years of marriage today this day of July 2nd.  I could go into  some sappy story of how much my husband means to me and how boring life would be without him, but I rather just state the facts.  Marriage has been good and difficult, and we have made it. I look back at how life started for us and how much has changed, we have changed. You do learn so much after being married for so long, kinda crazy how you become best friends and best enemies. We can talk all day long about absolutely nothing and snap and bicker when needed.  Hard to believe 24 years of being married today, can’t imagine it being any different.

I just realized I started to type this after midnight and now it is July 3rd, I guess this means I have been married for 24 years and 1 day.

Well everyone have a good night or good day.


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A little bit of gloom.

Sometimes life can be sad.  Death is never easy no matter if you know it’s coming or it happens so unexpectedly.

Working as a ER nurse for over 5 years I have experienced death way to much. I have had family members who have died and I miss dearly, but dealing with death in the emergency room was completely different.  I handle death at work, but on occasion  I have  had to walk away and cry tears but then come right back, move on and get back to work.   Sometimes I wonder if that’s a good thing or a healthy thing.  Just a thought or two before bed tonight.


Death, I have seen death

I have touched death

I have held death in my hands

I have tried to fight death but lost the battle

death can be confusing

death can be peaceful


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Hot in Indiana

It’s hot in central Indiana.

The other night I was watching the radar on the Weather Channel.  That radar was was glowing like a Christmas tree, bright yellow, a few areas of red and multiple shades of green.  The whole central part of Illinois was covered in thunderstorms and rain.  Then out of nowhere all those pretty colors disappeared just when they were a few miles from Indiana border.   I jumped up from my chair in shock and started screaming at the television, of course screaming at the television never really solves anything other then relieving stress.  I thought for a moment I was in  that Will Smith movie Independence Day, maybe there was a large spaceship hovering over central Indiana and shot lasers at the approaching storms.   Well no such luck, no spaceship just another week without rain.

So I decided to take action.  Last night I left the windows down on my car, left my laundry on the clothesline overnight, and did not shut the garage door.  Well guess what, nothing happened not a damn sprinkle of rain!

Any suggestions?

I hope everyone stays cool and wishes for rain.


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A little something…

So mad at myself for letting stress of work take over my life.  Time to take my own advice that I keep telling my co-workers, don’t take stress home with you, funny how hard that is to accomplish.

I am angry at myself for not writing, which makes me happy.  I am angry at myself for being angry.   So enough is enough, I have written a note and hung it on the wall next to our bed;  Write, take pictures and enjoy life and family.   I really hope that helps :  )


Silent songs of whispering night

hear my thoughts

close my mind

dreams of misty mountains

lead me to morn

and sunlight


Hope you all have a good night.


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Tall and small mountains…

It’s amazing when you find something that you wrote a long time ago, how it brings memories right in front of you.

I was always very lucky that I grew up knowing both sets of my grandparents, they were each unique and special, never pretending to be perfect  just being grandparents.  They each had their own stories and I did learn a lot from them. My one grandfather had a love of storytelling, telling of tall mountains of the west for which he saw in his teenage years and small mountains of the east where he was born and raised. I now know where my yearning began, the longing to be among the trees,  to stand with small and tall mountains and to look out onto horizons that are so beautiful that words can’t describe. To be with nature.

I found a poem that I wrote for my grandfather when he passed away. I did see the small mountains of the east with him when I was very young, to young to remember. We never made it to the tall mountains together, but in his passing I wrote that we did see them together through his stories.

The stories I have heard from you heart
I have listened with my soul

When you speak of places you have been
I’ve been there with you

I have walked the mountains
you have walked

I’ve touched the cool crisp
creeks you have fished

And we breathed in the air
from the mountains with its
sweet smell of untouched beauty

As we watched the sunsets and sunrises

Yes, Grandpa we were there
together you and I

Standing on that mountain
my hand holding yours


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Little pink, red, yellow…

Stress can be stressful!

Work has been a bear lately, so many changes and not enough changes.  It always amazes me how health-care manages to ask so much of us who work in it to provide the best possible care with so little support.  Enough about work.

It seems as you get older and life hands you daily stresses, there are big and little things can make you thankful.  Family is always the first thing that brings me joy and happiness and having a wonderful husband and 3 great  oddball sons to make me laugh can make a bad day good.  There has been something else this year that has been bringing me joy, little red, purple, yellow, orange and pink flowers that have seem to have taken hold of our land this year. Walking around daily just to see what colors are growing and smell the lovely scent they release  into the air, makes all the worries of the day disappear.

I have always enjoyed the beauty of flowers, this year they have been my little oasis.


Walking outside after a stressful day

the flowers call my name

come sit down and watch our colors

breath deep the scent of  beauty, they say




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Our dogs

What is it about a dog that can make you smile?

I guess it’s already been said by others, so no need to repeat it.

Maybe just once more.



Our Maggie...










Dogs make life fun.



Our Casper









They love you…



Our Max...









And even protect you…


Just a few simple words about our dogs, we do love them…


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Off to bed.  Sometimes easier said then done.  It surprises me how little sleep we all get,  truthfully I think that is why I have been feeling a little more sluggish lately and not as sharp in the mind.  I recently bought a product called melatonin, it’s a natural hormone that your body produces to lull you to sleep, but some of us don’t produce enough.  Of course  all of  today’s wonderful technology and daily stresses don’t allow us to get enough good sleep or let our bodies unwind at night naturally.  I have to say the melatonin has helped, actually quite surprised how well I have been sleeping and how refreshed I feel when I wake up.   I don’t ever want to take prescription sleeping pills to sleep, I want to be able to wake up during the night if I need to without feeling like a over-medicated zombie.  I did wake up the other night even after taking a melatonin, went to the bathroom and emptied my bladder, laid back down and fell right back to sleep, now that makes for a goodnight.  I am not trying to endorse any product,  just excited to share my goodnight of sleeping.

Sleep tight everyone, and have a  wonderful morning.


Silent songs of whispering night

hear my thoughts

close my mind

dreams of mist and mountains

lead me to morning sunlight


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A world without music would be a very sad world.

I read or heard a quote similar to the one above somewhere, just can’t remember where.   Music is so  much a part of my life words can’t describe.  I listen to every genre(every type of music).   Music helps me think, helps me clean my house, helps me fall asleep at night.  Music inspires me daily.

My favorite type of music is what some would call New Age.  I like to call it music without words.  Music that lets my imagination, my thoughts take over.  This music brings me peace after a hard day of work.  This music takes me to places I have been before or lets me imagine places I have yet to see.  I use to love to listen to classical music when I was younger and still do, I remember laying in bed at night when I was very young with my little transistor radio and finding the local NPR station which was the only station that would play classical music and falling asleep.  I have a love for all music but New Age music just tugs at my soul.  Since the mid 1990’s we have had satellite television and with that service you get several music channels, I was so happy when I found a channel just dedicated to New Age music, and still thankful that I have this channel today.



Sounds in the sunset call me outside

songs in the trees take my breath away

notes of color bring tears to my eyes

I stand is silence listening to her music

Mother Nature’s songs lift me


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